Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Baby Overdue

We still have 24 hours .. not 24 .. to be exact 13 hrs before baby is overdue. SF and myself have been anxiously waiting for the baby to come to this world. Every night I would be asking the baby, "baby, nei gei shi oi chut sai arrr".

I'm sure a lot people would said, first baby of course "kan cheung lar", if later have more than sure not that anxious already. Hehehe .... then I would say .. all are my kids .. of course I sayang & anxious.

Can't wait to see my baby and start taking a lot of her photo. We are going to setup a blog for her once she is born so that she will have a "history" for herself when she grow up. In my time, my parents seldom take photo for me when I was a kid. I only have few photos of myself when I was around 5 years old. It is kind like a disappointment to me where I don't even have a single photo of myself when I was a baby. Sighh.. so I have to make sure that my daughter will not have the same disappointment as her father.

Baby, daddy and mommy love you arrr.....

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