Tuesday, July 24, 2007

7th day of working in "I"

Today is my 7th day in "I". A new place for me to adjust myself. As usual, there ain't much to do at the moment. I'm still in the honeymoon stage where I'm only requested to do reading on the area that I'm going to work on. Apparently I heard it is gonna be very busy for the current team that I'm in. Hmm... this is going to be very interesting. Hopefully I will be able to blend well into the team. There are about 15 folks in the team. I'm still struggling to remember each of the teammates name.

It is the same as when I first started working in "M", lots of abbreviation. My head just went ????? when they starting talking techie language instead of ENGLISH.

From my very first impression in the meetings, I can sense that I'm in a team with tiger and dragon. Chinese said "ngo fu chong lung".Hahaha, that means I have to work extremely hard to make an impact to the team. The time will tell.

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