Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Our Home - Puchong Utama

I need to give SF some copyright money since I grabbed the photos from her blog.

This is the view from our living hall, you can see the little store room underneath the staircase. I don't like the staircase, will change this to wrought Iron when we have extra $$$$$. The room next to the staircase will be our maid's room. Then the dry kitchen. We planned to use the area next to the staircase as our dining area. SF like to watch TV during dining. So that area just suit her.

Main entrance, car porch. It is sufficient to put 2 cars in one straight line. But will renovate the grass area into tiles so that easier to put 2 cars side by side.

My little poor lawn comparing to the beautiful lawn at next door. Will convert our poor messy lawn into tiles area for car parking.

Front view of our house. Finally we have our own sweet little cottage. ps: the umbrella only serves as accessories for this photo.

Our master bedroom. I kind like it although a lot of people said that too many angles in the room. The area with windows is spacious enough to put baby bed there. So we can take care of the baby at night before giving it to mom to take care during our office hours.

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