Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Half a year past

Wow, it is half way through for 2010. Time flies like an arrow. How many of you have not started your plan to fulfill for 2010? You better start now, cause you have only have roughly 180 days left.

I've fulfill my wish for this year where I wanted to get a new job. And I did it. Well am I happy after changing job? I can answer "Yes".

At least I don't feel victimized.
At least I don't feel unappreciated.
At least I don't need to deal with people that I don't like.
At least I don't feel under paid (well i believe all of you think you are under paid).
At least I am more cheerful, no more grumpy.
At least I don't complain so much now.

New work means new challenge and I am up to it.

As for family, both princess are growing healthily. But poor Qian Hui fell and hurt her head. Got few bruises. Brought the sisters to Teluk Kemang beach for some getaway and I guess the sisters have enjoyed themselves. Looking forward for more family outings. Now having two kids make us feel that it is so troublesome to go to some where. Beside, Qian Hui have car sickness so it is better not to travel far.

Friends, hardly have any gathering with friends nowadays. I guess everyone are just busy with their own problems now.

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