Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Mahkota Hotel Melaka (aka Century Mahkota Hotel) sucks !!!!

Good day folks

If you are going to Malacca for vacation and if you are looking for a hotel in Malacca (Melaka). Never never never ever go to Mahkota Hotel Melaka which used to be called Century Mahkota Hotel. The website of the hotel is Why, let me tell you why:

1. I reached the hotel around 3pm. When I reached the lobby, no bellman in sight. No one come to me to help me to unload my luggages even after 10 minutes waiting. So I have resorted to push the trolley myself and unload my luggages for 4 adults and 2 babies. God can you imagine how many things I had in my trunk? Then I have to push the trolley from the parking all the way to the lobby. Crap Mahkota Hotel Melaka.

2. I checked in to the hotel at 3.10pm. Got my keys around 3.20pm. HORROR, disgusting, surprise. The room was not cleaned up. It was so dirty and smelly. The bellman told me that he will inform the housekeeping to tidy the room. 5.10pm still no housekeeping people coming to clean my room. Goodness what a shit hotel.

Years ago, I stayed in this hotel before and it was not like this. The service was awesome, the restaurant was awesome and the staff was awesome. Back then, it was still Century Mahkota Hotel.

It's 5.10pm, I'm getting ready for dinner. So I wanna give Mahkota Hotel Melaka a chance. I do really hope that by the time I come back from dinner at Capitol Satay Celup and my night walk at Jonker St, the room would have been tidy up.

3. I called for towels from housekeeping, it took them 1 hour+ to send me bloody 3 towels. We have 4 guests but only 1 towel given. And 4 guests but only 2 complimentary bottle water. Where is the logic?

4. I returned to Mahkota Hotel Melaka around 9.00pm. Huh, they have tidy up the room. The bedsheets was changed and that was it. Ya that was it. The kitchen area is not cleaned, full or leftover gravy marks. Glass not cleaned.

Floor not mopped.

Carpets not vacuum.

Bloody hell, stupid hotel. Stupid Mahkota Hotel Melaka.

I have to clean up the room again before going to bed.

5. The disaster did not end yet. The toilet is FLOODED. What the xxxx, I didn't expect this. For such a pricy hotel and yet the service was so bad.

6. The next day, my in-laws air-conditioning start giving out loud son that make it unbearable to sleep. Bloody hell, stupid hotel. Stupid Mahkota Hotel Melaka.

Jezz, I normally stayed in Hotel Equatorial whenever I go to Melaka. I vow that I never go back to Mahkota Hotel Melaka again. Never.

And I strongly urge everyone not to go to this hotel unless you wanted to get yourself frustrated and an unpleasant vacation.

Apparently, I'm not the first one, we found a link that talk about similar problems like us.

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