Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Stupid Mahathir, Stupid Bung Mokhtar

Stupid Mahathir why?

His words in The Sun:
"Whether the gambling license is issued or not, gambling will still go on in the country because the Chinese generally like to gamble"

Oi, old man, why can't you retire gracefully. If he said that, he was stereotyping the rakyat. Simply meaning:

Chinese like to gamble
Indian like to drink todi
Malay like to lepak and drink milk tea

Argh come on old man, those are old saying or perhaps is a myth that was created in your era. In the era where you RULE. Nowadays, things have changed. We the new generation are suffering as a result of your unfair ruling and we the new generation are working our ass off to meet the end needs. We work hard as a result of cronyism that you have practiced.

It is so unwise for an old person like you to stereotype people. Gambling does not associate with race. I've seen Malay who go buy TOTO. Yes TOTO. Thanks to your best friend Vincent Tan sports Toto. The license that BN granted for Vincent Tan. As a result, Malay who by default are Muslim go buy nombor ekor from TOTO. You are the real culprit.

I rather buy lottery from unlicensed operator than buying from TOTO, MAGNUM because I don't want pay tax to BN aka UMNO.

Another stupid MP, Bung Mokhtar. Where is the conscience of people from Kinabatangan. How could you guys voted for a scumbag like him to be in parliament. Wake up.

We have enough gambling license in Malaysia, TOTO, MAGNUM, BIG SWEEP & GENTING. So we don't need a new one.

If this bloody Bung Mokhtar said, since we live in a multiracial society and we should take into consideration of the non-muslims. I am a non-muslim, and I do not want to see my fellow Malaysian gone into gambling debt and make Vincent Tan even richer. Or to be correct to make the UMNO crony richer.

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rem58 said...

agreed my fren! Next government should ban/stop license from gambling. TOTO or MAGNUM, hmm i can see lot of Muslims buying too, this is not good. And i want LUMBA KUDA pun tutup jugak! This 'sport' has not made public, but we know its running the show.