Monday, October 10, 2011

6 Oct 2011

Jusco Midvalley is having its' member day sales. As usual you are getting lots of "rich" people thronging the stores trying to get the best deal in town.

Me being part of the "kiasu" Malaysian too trying to get something from the sales. As I was about to make my exit after spending few hundred bucks. I saw something. "Ting !! Sooky has always wanted this.". It is the DSLR that I had promised her few years ago. Unfortunately back then, we are not in the correct financial state where we can simply buy anything. Every single thing need proper calculation and management as we needed to save for the rainy days and for the house renovation. So it went on and on and on as an empty promised from me.

After 4 - 5 yrs of hardwork finally managed to settle the debt and get my dry kitchen done. So this year, in terms of finance we are at ease and to fulfill my empty promise, I guess it is just right time to get Sooky a new "baby".

After rounds of calculation, I found that it is more worthy to get it from Jusco eventhough the price from Jusco is more expensive that the camera retailer. But I get back voucher, cleaning kit, tripod, bag and 16B in return. Apart from that I do 5x credit card points. So in the end, we get it from Jusco.

Who is the most happy person in the world? The answer is straight forward: Sooky. Sooky do have some talents in photography. She just have the "instinct" on which angle to take the picture. As for myself, being a hasty person, I would rather use point-and-shoot camera.

Sooky had been crazy with her new "baby" as according to her (as new baby). To me it is more like her new lover. Her beloved husband got "divorced" or "demoted" to babysitter. I was telling her, I'm thinking to serve you with my lawyer letter as I was "divorced" by you and I'm going to half her wealth. No mercy.

Oh well, it feel great that Sooky really loved her new toys. As for me, few grands poorer + demotion. I guess it is all worth it as "when mama is happy, everyone is happy".

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