Thursday, October 20, 2011

Dinner at Somboon Seafood Bangkok near Huay Kwang MRT

We had our dinner at Somboon Seafood at Huay Kwang branch no 3

This seafood restaurant is very famous among the Thais and was highly recommended by my colleagues.

The restaurant

Tek Han and myself

Mango Juice - wow, super duper highly recommended to have this drink. Drink it while it is cool. Super duper thumbs up.


Deep fried seabass with sweet sour sauce and thai basil

Garlic chilies prawn

Thung Fan with Tai Tao Ha. Rice noodles with crayfish.

Oyster egg

Champions of the day, the super duper oversize curry crab. Eddy with his catch of the day.

Kiwi with the crab craw, can you see that. It is bigger than her palm.

Total damage: 5600 THB !!!!!

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