Thursday, October 20, 2011

Terminal 21 at Sukhumit Road, Bangkok

Bangkok is shopping heaven. They have 17 shopping malls in Bangkok alone. Yes 1 7 , seventeen malls altogether. So ladies, what are you waiting for? Pack your stuff and get ready. Ops, no need to pack. Just fly there and start shopping. Before you go, get extra credit card from your boyfriend, husband, girlfriend, lovers, father, brother, mother, sister or anyone that can give you a no limit credit card.

I went to Terminal 21 at Sukhumit Road, near Assok BTS station. BTS is their LRT in Malaysia term. MRT is their underground train, their subway.

To be honest, 21 guns salute to Thai Government. They make Bangkok so accessible by either LRT and MRT, making it easier for tourist to get around. For a foreigner like who don't speak Thai, I find it very easy to move around in Bangkok. The LRT, MRT and taxi are so affordable. I had a very bad experience when I was in Tokyo, Japan. Although Tokyo is very clean, the people are super duper polite but I find it tough to move around cause I don't speak Japanese. Wa ta shi wa ma re sia jin. So Bangkok is more tourist friendly but it was quite dirty along Sukhumit road.

Terminal 21, latest shopping mall in Sukhumit Road. A concept mall based on aviation.

Large malls, clean and upclass.

Lighthouse in the middle of the mall

Angel is coming

Concept stores. I was at "London".

Super duper long escalator.

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