Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Our vacation to Malacca - Dec 2007

We had a very good vacation at Malacca despite being very tired since this time we have a new family member. Our beloved daughter Ning Ning. Everytime when we need to go out, we will have to carry plenty of her things. Beside, we need to be very careful with the places that we are going. Ning Ning still very young and she can easily get frighten by her surroundings. Hence apart from physically tired, we are also mentally tired. But it is really a good family trip. Everyone is happy, SF was happy with her BIRD NEST TRIP, Ning Ning was very happy with her first vacation to Malacca and I am a happy man to see both of my loved ones so happy.

Catch some of Ning Ning's photos at here.

We also have a lot of nice food during the trip, check out the photos from here. We had:

Food we gobbled up :P
- Duck Noodle (my favourite, located near bukit cina)
- Chicken rice balls at Chung Hwa Kopitiam
- Satay celup at Capitol's
- Bak kut teh and claypot beef at Loi's (near Bukit Beruang).
- Junk food Delicacies at Jonker Street
- Durian and mango chendol yum yum! at Jonker Street
- Desserts at Sweetie's (Lou po cai tong shui) (opposite Dataran Pahlawan)

We also had lotsa bird's nest dishes lol! :P
- Bird's nest porridge at Uncle Keong's (inside dataran pahlawan)
- Shark fin noodle at Uncle Keong's (inside dataran pahlawan)
- Bird's nest egg tart at Yong Ann's (near Stadhuys Square/Red Building)
- Bird's nest mango pudding at Yong Ann's (near Stadhuys Square/Red Building)
- Special bird's nest noodle at Yong Ann's (near Stadhuys Square/Red Building)

Yong Ann's Bird's Nest Egg Tart

(Hmm .. I puzzle for a while on where to put the apostrophe. Either at Yong Ann or at the birdie. I guess I wanted to identify Yong Ann's creation and also the birdie's creation. Hence I opt to put apostrophe at both Yong Ann and the birdie)

Yong Ann's Bird's Nest Pudding

Yong Ann's Mango Pudding with blueberry and Bird Nest

Yong Ann's Bird's Nest Noodle

Sweetie's chinese sweet dumpling (Tang Yuen)

Uncle Keong's Sea Coconut with White Fungus desert

Uncle Keong's Watermelon and Honeydew desert

Uncle Keong's Shark Fin Noodle

Uncle Keong's Bird's Nest Porridge

Jonker Street's Durian Cendol and Jackfruit Cendol

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