Monday, January 28, 2008

I hurt my daughter :((

On last Saturday, officially is my blunder #3.

Ning Ning was getting fussy because she was sleepy. Hence I decided to put her to sleep in the baby swing. I was able to put her into the swing. I noticed that the swing was not nicely put, so I tried to pull the swing. Out of my awareness, the swing move forwards and guess what. "Pok" I accidentally knock Ning Ning head to the wall.

Normally I'm able to put Ning Ning into the swing and take her out without any accident. I am just too careless this time.

At that moment, the split of seconds, my heart was so ache. I'm almost down to my tears. Ning Ning didn't cry at the beginning, just that her face turns sour. The moment SF came over, when Ning Ning saw SF, she start crying. Ning Ning must be wondering, "wuahhh, daddy knock my head to the wall". Sweetie, daddy didn't mean it. I'm so sorry.

For the rest of the day, I just couldn't sit tight. I am so worried that any mishap could happened and Ning Ning is very pain but she don't know how to tell me. I'm so sad. Luckily, Ning Ning went to sleep for almost 2 hrs and waking up with no side effect. Thank god for taking care of Ning Ning.

Lesson learnt: be extra careful in handling baby.

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