Wednesday, January 2, 2008

More good food in Nov 2007

I guess November is a food fiesta month. It seems that I had a lot of good food from both outside and homemade.

Wanna see the picture. Click on the link provided.

1. Prawn Ceviche (starter), Irish Pork Stew (Main course) at here. "Engineer" by SF.
- Tres-bon .. the prawn ceviche was very good. The Irish Pork Stew was simply marvellous. Thank you my dear for preparing this "sensational" dinner.

Verdict: A+ (***** star)

2. Sri Karak (PJ State, durian desserts) at here.
- A BIG BIG let down.
When we talked about DESSERTS, we talked about SWEET.
When we talked about SWEET, we talked about SUGAR.
When we talked about SUGAR, we talked about SIN.

How can a food call as DESSERTS when it is NOT SWEET and NOT SINFUL. Jezz. The durian bomb is simply does not qualified as DESSERTS. The other food that we have like otakx2 noodles and fried squid was just ok only. Nothing to shout about. We also had the signature dish from the restaurant "chicken porridge". Jezz, tasteless, so plain, not salty enough and worst still no taste of chicken. Sighh ..

Verdict: "D", FAILED. (* star)

3. Pastamania (The Pavallion) at here.
- The pasta and pizza here were not too bad. Quite tasty and reasonable for that price.

Verdict: "B+" (*** star)

4. Baked Cheese Rice at here. by ME.
- Excellent, marvellous. I simply can match those baked cheese rice from those Hongkies style restaurant like Wongkok Char Chan Teng, Kong Yam Kong Seik, Fun Hei Dei, Kim Gary and etc.

Verdict: A+ (**** star)

5. Hakka Style Dinner at here . by SF.
- Hakka Abacus Beads, Cabbage stew with sardine and potato & Fried Chinese gold ingots.
Hmm.. such a homey dinner. Muackkks.

Verdict: A (**** star)

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