Thursday, January 3, 2008

The Old Make Way, The New Takeover

On Saturday, 29 Dec 2007, we decided to make a hole in our pocket. We got ourselves a new digital camera! It's an Canon Ixus 860 IS. The old Kodak Easyshare CX6330 has to make way since it started to give us problem with the battery. It seems to drain the battery faster than usual even we use a new alkaline battery.

The new Canon Ixus 860 IS simply outclass our old Kodak Easyshare CX6330 in terms of its outlook and camera specifications (considering my CX6330 camera was 4 years old, 3.1 MP was actually quite high spec at that time). Let's witness the difference.

Old old "general" -- Kodak EasyShare CX6330

Our new "general" -- Canon Ixus 860 IS

Don't get me wrong that Kodak Easyshare CX6330 is a bad camera. In fact, CX6330 has served us for a good few years. From Malaysia to Ireland, Japan, US and many other places. The quality of the photo was indeed very good considering it is only a mere 3.1 MP camera. We like the photos taken using CX6330. It helps us to record down our dating days, wedding days, our beloved daughter younger days, vacation, family events and etc. CX6330 also a very ease to use camera.

I believe it is the nature law where old things have to make way for the new one to come ..

We chose Canon Ixus 860 IS because lot of people actually said, "For camera, you won't go wrong with Canon."

We have been testing with Canon Ixus 860 IS for 2 weeks now. There is pro and cons.
- Higher MP
- Got Face detection
- Got Image Stabiliser
- Colours taken very natural.
- More features to control in manual way.
- Macro photography was easy.
- Lack of optical zoom
- Date only inserted for postcard photo and not normal photo.
- Stitch assist need to use specific software to stitch photo instead of WYCWYG (Even my sony ericsson phone can do that).
- After turning off the red-eye reduction, the red light will still appear. Sigh, I wanted to take close shot of my daughter using auto mode but the red light keep appearing straight to my daughter's eye.


YuNiq said...

Interesting blog you have! I plan to get the IXUS 860 IS for my wife. Have not got my hands on one yet. She generally just point and shoot. Does it perform well without need to manually change this and that?

Alex Yap said...

Good day Niq

Ya Canon IXUS 860 IS is good enough for point n shoot.

In fact, is their customer service that make me love Canon even more.

People always say "you won't go wrong with Canon".

In fact I still owed my wife a Canon EOS 350D SLR. Gosh .. koyak my wallet.

YuNiq said...

Alex, thanks for the tip. Now got more confidence in purchase. Your wife go for pro equipment unlike my wife who complain my Canon EOS 400D too bulky. Actually now SLR price dropped. Quite a good time for SLR. If you interested, you can buy body only. I have the kit lens which I can sell for lower price.

Alex Yap said...

Cool .. but i'm not getting one now .. too much commitment .. gosh .. so broke now .. need to focus to sell off one of my house and renovate the current house first.

beside, before spending need to check with my MOF (minister of finance) first. gagagaga.

I shall contact you again when I wanted to get some kit lens. Thanx for offering.

Wat lar you, got lost in KL (read from your blog). But can't blame you for being away from KL for so long. Indeed roads in KL sucks.

Have a good day.

YuNiq said...

Have fun renovating. After going to IKEA, I oso feel like want to renovate. For now just small projects. For you I guess it is easier. Can get lots of ideas from IKEA.

Yah lor, me blur fella in KL! If you see slow driver in KL might be me, haha!

Happy holidays!