Wednesday, January 2, 2008

November 2007

It have been quite a while since the last time I update my blog. Let me try to recall what I have gone through in November. Perhaps this will be the longest ever blog since it comprise of events for a month.

Nov 3
Today is a really really BIG day. It is my wife Sook Fan's birthday. Sook Fan's decided to celebrate at home since we have a new addition to the family (Ning Ning). Beside, Sook Fan wanted to try out some new dishes. Guess what, check it out.

The 2nd main actor, the main course - Chicken Cordon Bleu (?) with creamy white sauce :P... grilled it instead of baking it with an oven. A creative creation by Sook Fan, ranging from cooking the meat (browning) to deco (dressing). The gravy was prepared by me. I give 8/10 for this signature dish. Of course have to give higher, else she will pinch my ear later. But indeed it is very tasty.

You must be wondering where is the main actor then if the main course is 2nd main actor? The main actor (actress) is of course Sook Fan, since this is her BIG day.

Harr .. This is another creative invention from of course ME, Mr Alex Yap. This is baked brocolli with mozarella cheese. The secrets are "BOIL" & "SALT". Yummy ......

Har, creative invention #2, my "Yummy Rainbow" drink. Initially I named it as "Yummy Sky", then SF said the name is not "class" enough. Hence she suggest to change it to "Yummy Rainbow". SF like it a lot. If I do not remember wrongly, she also give 8/10 for this drink.

Family photo, do you noticed that Ning Ning was staring at the "Yummy Rainbow". I bet she must be saying, "Daddy & mommy, could you guys be a little bit faster in taking photos. Ning Ning wanna "swallow" the Yummy Rainbow. The Gordon Bleu Chicken also looks very tempting. Ning Ning had enough with milk. Ning Ning wanna be carnivore also."

Inner look of the Chicken Gorden Bleu (c).

For dessert, we had chocolate mousse cake (hahaha, SF bday cake).

Week 1 & 2
As usual, busy with work. These two weeks was packed with deadlines and thousands of urgent requests to get thing done. Sighhh .. Why people don't understand about working based pre-planned schedule. Why why why ....

I also become a "STAR" in overnight. I was helping IBM to do some promotional video to promote our centre in Malaysia. Guess what I am one of the actor in the video. This video will be shown to all IBMers worldwide. Huh .. have to start get royalty from IBM. hahaha.

Week 3
I went for PERL training in Amcorp Mall. The first 2 - 3 days is rather not fruitful because most of the stuff taught, I have already know. The instructor was not effective, apart from speaking with a strong accent (which make conversation a bit difficult. He is not local. He can't even understand a simple question asked from me. Jezz). His teaching method is also not interactive. He basically read the whole thing from the book. Wait a minute, I can do that on my own, why should I need an instructor then.

So I decided to count on myself and learn from books and internet. The exercise given also way too easy. Again I decided to modify each of the exercise to have more "ummpph" and increase difficulty level.

In a way, the whole week is great escape from work. I have been working non stop for the past few months. By going to this training, it gave me the opportunity to getaway from work related, issues and other headache from work.

Although I was away from work but I still have to login from home after the training to follow up on issues raised at work for the project that I'm working me. Poor me, in training also have to work.

During this week also, I have to finish editing the IBM video. Jezz, since when I become a movie person. I have to edit the video and rearrange it in proper order. As a matter of fact, when we shoot the video, we do not follow the sequence of the script. Hence some video that should come earlier may appear at the back of the tape. To add on, I receive a request from my MD to add in subtitles to the video. So I have to find suitable software to do that. :0, need to complete the video editing in ONE day. What make thing worst is, software A cannot do what software B can, so I have to mix and match to have all the effect embedded into the video.

Week 4
After missing out for a week, tonnes of works waiting for me in the office. Starting a new project on first day back to office from training. Knowing nothing what is going on since I don't have a chance to really review the requirements. Sighh .. god to help me to finish this project.

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