Tuesday, April 29, 2008

NZX - Niu Ze Xui - Ara Damansara

NZX - aka Niu Ze Xui of Malaysia. I guess this is suppose to be a copycat of Niu Ze Xui of Spore. NZX has been opened since Dec 2007.

SF and myself carried a lot of hope that this new shopping place going to be a happening place. I guess what people said "the greater the hope the greater the disappointment" is quite true. Exactly, I expect this NZX to be happening, if not as happening as Spore NZX, then at least 50% of it. But to my surprise, what a big letdown.

My Verdict below:

1. Shops: Most of the shops are not opened yet for business.

2. Ventilation: It is so stuffy .. (although that day when we visit NZX, it rains. Surprisingly, the place is spacious enough but just no wind. I guess the abundant of buildings nearby blocks all the wind from flowing in.)

3. Variety: Very less. Most of store is either Milk Pearl Tea, Mobile Phone shop, Games, pirated DVD. Not much clothing shop also.

4. Food: So limited, ok, they have big apple doughnut and others homemade food. The only restaurant worth mentioning is the "Jia Fei Dian" loosely translated to kopitiam (cafe). I guess I can't complain too much since it is the only restaurant that worth mentioned in NZX. Credit have to go to this cafe, from the outside, it looks very appealing. The ground floor is air-conditioned and the other 3 floors is open air. Mostly internal deco is in white colour. Look very clean and nice.

the photo below, I grabbed it from SF's blog.

Ice Milk Tea - **** (4 star - good)
Coffee with Milk + add on grass jelly - ** (2 star - average)

Roti Curry (Curry Bun) - **** 1/2 (4 1/2 star)
- this is worth mentioning, the curry taste is really good, creamy and not too hot
- I took away 1/2 star because it is too oily.

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