Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Ho Chiak - Cao Cao Grilled/BBQ Lamb

After watching Ho Chiak, the other week, SF and myself are so eager to try out this so call best grilled lamb in klang valley presented by Ho Chiak on Cao Cao BBQ Lamb.

The anxiety to try out the Cao Cao BBQ lamb is over 3 causes
1. The trust on Ho Chiak
2. The name of "Cao Cao" get us attracted. As you might know, Cao Cao is such a popular figure in the ancient of China. This death of Cao Cao, signified the start of "Three Kingdoms", Wei, Shu and Wu. On the whole, Wei occupied the north, Shu occupied the southwest and Wu occupied the southeast.
3. The expression of the Ho Chiak hosts. Grrrrr .. why grrr .. see below

The hawker's stall name: Cao-Cao Lamb BBQ (noticed the old 7-digit landline?)

This is the look when it was served. Disappointing

Another shot with flash ...

My Verdict.
1. Too charred .. too burnt - FAILED
2. Tasteless - FAILED
3. Mint sauce not strong enough. - FAILED
4. Presentation - FAILED
5. $$$ - too expensive, RM6.5 per piece, the above caused me RM13 - Jezz - FAILED .. FAILED FAILED.
6. Ho Chiak FAILED me.

In fact, to be honest, I don't find Ho Chiak gives accurate information all the time. I like the "Lat Chiu Pan Mee" at off Jalan Raja Laut and the snow ice (use to be in 1U, but closed down already now). But others failed miserably.

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