Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Ning Ning and her swimming pool

Recently we bought ning ning an indoor ring pool. The price is quite reasonable. 4ft pool - RM 7.90. We also bought a mechanical air pump RM 19.90 to fill the ring swimming pool with air. Trust me, you wouldn't want to blow the ring pool by using your breath. If you do, please drop me a call, so that I can pre-call the ambulance for you just in case, if you stop breathing.

Look at her, so adorable ...

Mommy: Aiya, ning ning, cover cover first, cannot let others see. "Sit sai dai" ..
Ning Ning: Mommy, can we a better cloth, I don't like this little handkerchief. Can we have colourful bikini?? Hmmmm

** obviously, ning ning not very happy with it.

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