Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Good food ...Butter Grilled Fish

Huh .. I finally get some time to blog. Last month and this month is really busy busy and busy. No other words to replace the BUSY ... Sighh .. work and work ...

Anyway, I'm playing catching up once again .. Ya ya ya .. you will say I make all the excuses .. I'll take it.

Presented to you all .. our recent creation

Butter Grilled Fish + mix vege + Baked Mashed Potato with Crunchy Bacon and Cheese (hmm .. it is so sinful just by hearing the name) (porky, I don't consider beef bacon is bacon, those are faked bacon)

You can see few slices of the italian sausage at the side (hmm... wondering why the shop keeper told me that it is italian sausage, I remember those that I had in Melbourne, Victoria Market are not like that.. hmm interesting)

Butter Grilled Fish

Mix Vege toss with salt + Olive Oil

Baked Mash Potato with Crunchy Bacon with melting Cheese

Golden Fried Rice with lots of button mushroom (SF's favourite)

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