Monday, September 22, 2008

I'm So Freaking Busy

I'm so freaking busy.

Wanted to update about my trip to Kuching, Sarawak which was a month ago but I still can't find any time for it. Damn ...

So tired ..... gosh ...

Anyone got extra energy .. can donate to me?

Works is getting more boring and more boring .. and fill with dullness ... Help help .....


ezni said...

yap!i missed U!hahah. it's been quite a while since the last time i read ur blog.mite missed several 'important' post including ur welcoming 2nd baby!!hey congrats!alhamdulillah (i'm a muslim, tis the way to wish lucks to friends, ;)-hope ur not racial idiot!)ehhehe, hey hey, stop for a while, go for a holiday!u need that!i'm sure and btw, i read ur wife's blog!mmhh, maybe stupid man who plays rugby mmg such a sweetheart kut!whenever my hubby's around, he'll cook for me including get up @ nites just to get me some hot coffee and oh - i loves scramble eggs, fried eggs anything that eggy hahah.yeah, rugby player mite look barbaric but there is one part in them that soft to the edge - LIKE BUNS!muah hahah

Alex Yap said...

Hey Ezni

You missed me .. good .. good to hear that. . that show you still remember that you have a friend call "Yap".

Thanx ... Alhamdulillah .. is fine. Arghh come on, for 5 years in boarding school. In fact I can azan, you know. Learn a lot about muslim while in SEMESTA. I'm definitely not a racial idiot. If I am, please slapped me hard enough, wake me up. Damn.

Oppss .. I should stop talking about religion, later kena ISA. You know lar, our present government like to put people behind bars by using ISA. Silap-silap, next day, wake up in Kamunting.

:( ... I just came back from 5 days holiday from Kuching last month. Again ????

WAt .. play rugby is stupid man .. damn .. you better not to let other ruggers know .. i'm sure they will grilled you ... how the grilled those ISA suspect.

How's thing going lately?

Take care ok.

Any open house this year. I want lemang, nasi himpit, rendang, kuih-muih dan lain-lain.