Tuesday, September 2, 2008

I'm back .. From Kuching . super duper tired !!!

I have been MIA since 28 Aug 2008 to Kuching, Sarawak. That's why you see no updates for the past few days. It is a family trip cum attending friend's wedding in Hilton Kuching, Sarawak.

After spending 5 days 4 nights there, there is only 1 conclusion. You probably need only 3 days 2 nights over there. Ya ya ya, obviously we did a wrong calculation, bad planning and etc, but taking into the consideration where we are travelling with one toddler and dad + mom, we seriously think that we need extra time to cater for Ning Ning's need and my old folks need as well.

Reaching LCCT at 4:40 pm. Raining, sign for a bad day. More happening thing in flight. Apparently there was a small (it can be very big) fight between a local and a white. I don't sided either side, which I believe both parties have been very rude to each other. The local is like a rascal where the white think he is so superior. Sighh .. both are just jerks.

My-prebook taxi turned up late.

Reach home around 6pm, rush to kepong for dinner with Bro and SIL. 7pm rush to Selayang hospital to visit sis. FYI, sis safely delivered a baby girl on 1 sept 2008. Unfortunately, visit time is over, only mom was permitted to enter the hospital for a short visit.

Drive back to puchong, reached home around 9pm. Take shower.

Sooky's morning sickness is getting worse. She puked after reaching home. I guess she was too tired after travelling the whole day + the bumpy situation. Thanx to our road, so many potholes.

Sooky puked yesterday. Seeing her so suffering, I tried to comfort her by patting her back, GOSH, she puked even more after I pat her softly. Jezz, I'm just trying to comfort her. Obviously good intention turn evil outcome. "Ho Sam Chou Wai Si".

Before she puked, I already told her not to puke at the basin, try puked to the toilet bowl. Easier to settle the mess later on. Before I even finished talking, uweeekkkk .. everything on the wash basin. Jezz. I already prepared to clean up the mess, but after Sooky came out from the toilet, the mess are gone. Obviously she already clear up the mess. My dear, if I can even clean Ning Ning's poo poo, I don't mind cleaning your "puked" also. Gulp gulp .. Let's pray for the good health of both baby and Sooky.

More about Kuching trip coming soon .....


bubbles said...

Sometimes, the husband will get the morning sickness too. Did you experience any...heehee? You are such a good husband willing to clean up her mess.
Hey, agree that you'll only need 3 days for Kuching. Looking forward to read more abt your trip there.

Alex Yap said...


I just came back from luncheon just now. Suddenly I felt like puking. Gosh, I might be having morning sickness as you mentioned just now.