Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Blackie Wednesday.. Kena Liwat

Today I officially declare it as "BLACKIE WEDNESDAY".

I left my home this morning to workplace. When I almost reached Sunway Toll, as usual I'm trying to reach for my Smart Tag. Jezz, to my horror, I realized that I left my Office Tag & Key & also my Smart Tag at home. I was like, arghh .. forget it, I'm gonna pay by cash this time round. I happily queue at the cash line (of course I do cursed those bloody idiot who don't queue and keep jumping queue in front of me. MALAYSIAN!!! Given me a choice, I just wanted to get down and smash their windscreen. Of course, I didn't do it. Just some evil thought in me.).

After paying the bloody RM 1.60 for the cilaka LDP toll. Damn expensive yet still stucked in the traffic jam. Thanx to our bloody government for having this super duper genius thought of having such bias contract with those blood sucker company (LITRAK). Opps.. out of topic again, can't help it, when it come to scold government, I just can stop. Don't know why. After paying the bloody RM 1.60 for the cilaka LDP toll, I still happily queue to get myself off from the 10 lanes to 3 lanes LDP. Another super duper genius design from our civil engineer. Bodoh idiot. From 10 lanes to 3 lanes, of course jam lar. Congestion. Imagine if you are pouring a 1.5 litres of water into a 0.5 litres bottle, of course it overflowed lar, bodoh idiot stupid "soh cai" "chun chu" "chu tau peng".

Suddenly the most beautiful thing in this world happen as described by 988 radio station (in canton: ni koh sai kai sheung, chui mei lai geh si, chung yi fat shang ler), phung phang pheng. A bloody silver perodua kembara knock me from behind. Shit, I kena so-do-my, shit I kena liwat. Then I quickly get down from the car (in the middle of road with lots of "killer" on the road, everyone drive like shit. I am so scared to get knock down by some idiots again.) to assess the damange. Ouch .. few more scratches ....

Normally for me, being a bad tempered person, I will scold and curse that fellow already. But when I saw this middle age man face, feeling very sorry and make an apology at the first place. My heart get soften. I was like.. arghh . small thing. I didn't scold him at all, I just told me to drive carefully next time. I do give a pat at the shoulders. Hey Mike, this is not gay ok. Out of courtesy to make him and myself feel better from the liwat (accident).

For those of you that not so lucky that met with accident and need to make a police report. Here are the procedure:

If your car stalled and can't move anymore
1. Call police.
2. Take picture of the accident,
3. Jot down car plate number of all parties
4. Remember the all the related things that you will need to make report.
5. Get the keputusan, this is not the police report, it is the keputusan/result that tell insurance company on whose fault. So that they know how to make the claim. Else you will just lose your NCD.
6. Get helps from friends/family.

If your car still can move
1. Call police
2. Take picture of the accident,
3. Jot down car plate number of all parties
4. Remember the all the related things in case you need to make police report if the "negotiation" with the other party does not goes well.
5. If need to make police report (ie: damage is too great, cannot settle), go ahead, and remember the keputusan.
6. If damage is small but need to fix, get a consensus on which mechanic to go for. Better still get a written copy by saying, party A agree that this is his/her mistake and party A will pay for the repair. Xerox the IC and sign the letter and xerox. To be safe dude.

At night, for ladies
- Call the police first. Give the police your exact location, landmarks or etc.
- If accident happen, never never get down from the car, wait for help/support from people that you trust. Get helps from more than 1 parties.
- Do not get down from your car, even the other party insist. Politely ask him to wait. Roll your window down a bit to allow you to talk.
- If the other party turn violent, stay calm, don't get down from your car. If can drive, drive to the nearest police station OR places with lots of people.
- It seems that current trend of car-snatching is 2 cars will tail you, one car will knock you from behind and the other car will "parang" you. Sometime 1 car also can happen.
- So to all ladies out there, be calm and stay alert.


michaelooi said...

Of course I know you're not gay. I was just pulling your leg that time. But really dude, you shouldn't pat shoulders too much. Some people may not like it (being patted on the shoulders for some fengshui fanatics can be considered a not-so-auspicious thing... go ask around)

Alex Yap said...


Ohh really .. patting shoulders not good for feng shui .. I thought only during mahjong session ..

anyway .. i'm a bit western style .. don't really believe in those thing.

but today is really a bad day for me ..

enough kena liwat .. then my fucking colleagues really piss me off .. cilaka ..

i need to go yum cha .. cannot tahan already .. wanna explode now ...