Friday, September 26, 2008


Today, I suddenly think of one of my teacher in SEMESTA, Puan Lee Voon Ting. She was a Mathematics teacher during my time (1992 - 1996) in SEMESTA.

Apparently, the school will assign a group of students to be placed under a teacher/sir for the Guru Angkat-Murid Angkat programme. Since we are in boarding school and living miles away from our home. The respective teacher will serve as our parents where they will hold regular meeting with us to keep track with our progress in our study. We can also share any problems with them and hopefully they can help to solve our problem.

I did a google for "Lee Voon Ting" and I'm so excited when I clicked on this page which give me the email address of hers. Wow after 12 years, then only I'm going to contact my teacher. Ya I know, I'm not a good student. I quickly dropped her an email. To my disappointment, the email bounced back instantly. Apparently the email address is no longer in use. Sighh..

Anyone out there, have any idea where is Puan Lee Voon Ting now? If you do, can you give me her contact details?

I am also looking for my F2 - Kemahiran Hidup teacher that taught me accounting. Puan Shamsuria I think ..


Anonymous said...

dude, it's me xlanz. do u know sabri jamil? he said you used to be his ex-dorm mate.

Alex Yap said...

ya ya .. i remember him .. but is he my dormmate? hehehe ..

he is in the same school as you? send my regards to him.