Friday, September 5, 2008

Common Sense Please !!!!

Yesterday, we brought Ning Ning to Dr Chan paediatric clinic at Bandar Puteri, Puchong to get her immunization jab for chicken pox. As usual, Ning Ning only cried for the first few seconds and she stopped after that. High resistence to PAIN or in another words, I would put it as "stubborn" daughter. At the same time, we also get Ning Ning to be checked for cough. Recently she cough badly only during bedtime. During daytime, she was ok. Sooky and I were kind like worried.

After that, we proceed to Giant at Bandar Puteri Puchong. After stock up some groceries, I proceed to second floor to withdraw some money from Maybank ATM. I was queuing behind a lady at that time. After the lady finished with her business, below are the conversation:

The lady still happily standing in front of me, messing up with her purse even after she was done with the ATM machine.

Lady: (Look at me in a weird way). Do you want to use the machine?

Me: Yes please. (along with a sarcastic smile)

Goodness, why on earth I want to queue behind the lady if I don't want to use the machine. Jezz. Common sense please ......

When I shared this freaking jokes to Sooky, she was saying this:

Sooky: Why don't you tell her that, nope I don't want to use the machine and I wanted to follow you home.

Wow Bing Bang Boom. Spot on. "One Knife See Blood" arrr ..

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