Thursday, October 23, 2008

What I had for lunch?

Sooky woke up @ 7am again today to make me bento. This time it is sushi, hmmm .. yummy.

More details from her blog.

All time favourite: Inari (made by me)
gunkan-maki with corns, green peas and diced carrots in mayo

Maki rolls with crabstick and cucumber

Bear, star and heart-shaped onigiri (rice balls) with nori (seaweed). At the side are wasabi and soy sauce in the new animal sauce bottles which just arrived yesterday (Bento set ordered by Sooky through a dealer in Spore).

Guess, what, the presentation above for onigiri are too plains right. See the transformation below after being "cured" by me.

Tata .. the new ONIGIRI with nori and bonito flakes on it.

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