Friday, October 24, 2008

On AirAsia to Kuching

My back-dated photos on my trip to Kuching, sorry mates, always forgetting to upload it to my blog.

Notti Qian Ning with Mommy

Obedient Qian Ning with Daddy

Cabin Aisle

The Wing and The Sky

Dad and Mom

My trip to Kuching was rather a very spectacular trip. Why? We boarded the afternoon flight AK5208 to Kuching at 1255 hrs and supposing will be reaching Kuching by 1440 hrs. We happily took our lunch at LCCT lounge area and waited to get boarded. Everything was ok except for the part where Air Asia seats are not numbered. It is free seating. It end up everyone rush to the plane as if the plane will take off soon or they won't be any seats left for the passenger. Another suprising element was, Air Asia departure was ON TIME. I always heard from others experience that Air Asia always delayed their flight. I guess lady-luck must be on my side this time.

Goodness, the kiasu-ness of human being. Let me get it clear, not only Malaysian that are so impatient and impolite, I saw some foreigner behaving in such a way too. Hmm .. they must be adapting well to Malaysian/Singaporean culture very well then.

This is the very first time for Qian Ning on a plane. Let me advice you, if possible, do not travel with baby or toddler where they can't follow your instruction in swallowing his/her saliva to ease up the pressure at their ears. Sooky and myself had a tough time taking care of Ning Ning on board. Ning Ning become very fussy whenever the pressure change and she started crying and we are so worried that her cried will disturb other passengers.

Thank God, after almost 2 hours, we finally see the Kuching land. We are so grateful to see the mainland for 2 reasons:

1. Finally, Ning Ning won't be bothered by the pressure at her ear anymore and she won't be fussy.

2. We RAN OUT of diapers. Apparently Sooky made a wrong judgement by only preparing 2 pieces of diapers on board.

Since Ning Ning can't understand our instruction to swallow saliva, we were left to feed her water to help her balance up the pressure. I guess too much of water also causing us another trouble. I end up running up and down inside the cabin, looking for other parents with toddlers. Hopefully I can ask for courtesy for a piece of diaper. To my horror, none of them have extra. Sighh.. with my dissapointed face walking back to our seat, Sooky got a new idea by using the cloth napkin to substitute the diapers. And guess what? We only have 2 cloth napkins for our emergency use. Pray hard that Ning Ning don't pee so much.

Suddenly, jeng jeng jeng .... we received an announcement from the flight captain saying that we won't be landing in Kuching due to bad wheather and instead we will be diverted to Sibu airport. Har !!!! ... What is going on? The view of mainland of Kuching become smaller and smaller and eventually dissappear from our sight. What makes me so piss off was, they were no announcement from Air Asia crews to calm us down and let us know what are the plans for them to get us to Kuching. Air Asia crews simply let all of us wondering around what is going ON. Grrrr .. 30 mins later, we landed in Sibu. They were refuelling the plane, and you know what, it took them 2 hours to do that. What lar ..

Now I was left wondering what time will we get back to Kuching. What will happened if the wheather in Kuching did not turn to good? What will be happened to hotel reservation. I quickly looked for the hotel confirmation slip, it say that:
"Please contact hotel for late check in before 7PM on day of arrival, otherwise units shall be released without further notice"
I was like, OMG !!! Then I tried switched ON my HP to make a call to the hotel to inform them about our situation. Then the beautiful stewardess "je je" come to me and requested me to turn OFF the phone. I was like, please please let me make this one call only. Me turn into pug mood. Begging for mercy. gagagaga.

People always said, bad thing always come in stream rather than just once. The number on the hotel confirmation slip provided Swiss Garden International Vacation Club Bhd was wrong. I can't reach the hotel reception. Arrrggghh ... Another bad services from Swiss Garden International Vacation Club Bhd. We were midled into signing up with Swiss Garden International Vacation Club Bhd for the vacation membership few years ago. We always end up not getting the hotel of our choice whenever we wanted to make a reservation. Especially during peak-season, you can forget about getting a hotel for yourself. Beside when we sign up for the vacation membership, we were not told that the 7 days annual allocation were to be divided into 5 weekdays + 2 weekends. Jezz, they are so dishonest. Here I would like to advice everyone not to join the vacation membership with Swiss Garden International Vacation Club Bhd.

I end up calling my friend in Sarawak to help me search in internet for the hotel phone number. Amazingly my friend Choi Suan reply to me within a very short time period. When I come back and tried to google for it, I couldn't find it. Choi Suan, if you happened to read this. Thank you so much for your help.

After waiting for 2 hours in Sibu, finally we fly back to Kuching. Tze Yong, my housemate in Melbourne and also Choi Suan's husband come to fetch us from airport to the hotel. Such a hospitality from the host, Tze Yong and Choi Suan.


YuNiq said...

Aiyo, must be really worried up there! Definitely a spectacular nightmare! Luckily Gabriel's first flight was ok. But he's already almost 3yrs old.

Alex Yap said...

Huh .. the worst 2 hours at 20000 feet in the air.

hahaha. . but then it is a good experience. now sooky and myself know that it is not advisable to do that again .. hahahaha ...