Thursday, October 9, 2008

How to kill mosquito effectively?

In my younger days when I still stay in kampung (village), UYB. I used to sleep with mosquito net. Ya lots of mosquito in those days in kampung. Mom will help to catch any mosquito trapped inside the net before I go to bed. Ya I am a mommy boy.

Mom typically very good in catching the mosquito by clapping both hands.

Over the period of time, I tried practising her method (which is the common way for all people) to catch mosquito. I find it hard to catch mosquito using the conventional method. After watching "Once Upon In China" by Jet Li, I have an idea/inspiration for new method in catching mosquito.

Tata ..... It is the "TIGER CLAWS FIST".

Imagine you opened up your palm to reassemble the tiger claws and then you follow the mosquito from the back just like how the tiger attack human neck from behind. Scope, there you go.

My in-laws always said "can catch mosquito like that meh?"

The result is as the picture above. 1 mosquito, 4 stains of blood.

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