Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Wahai Liow Tiong Lai, di manakah kau?

Apa penjelasan kamu terhadap kes ini. Kenapakah pihak kerajaan Singapura mengharamkan pengambilan biskut-biskut berikut: [klik sini], tetapi pihak kementerian kesihatan Malaysia mengluluskan/menghalalkan pengambilan biskut-biskut tersebut yang tercemar dengan melamine?

Kenapa pihak Singapura boleh mengesan tahap melamine yang melampau tetapi kementerian kesihatan Malaysia tidak boleh? Apakah berlakunya penyelewengan? Apakah berlakunya unsur-unsur rasuah di sini? Sila jawab, wahai yang pandai Liow Tiong Lai.

Wahai Liow Tiong Lai, kalau anda tidak berkemampuan untuk memegang jawatan Menteri Kesihatan, sila letak jawatan, jangan memperjudikan nyawa-nyawa kami sebagai rakyat Malaysia. Anda tidak bertanggungjawab, pihak kementerian kesihatan Malaysia perlu memohon maaf kepada rakyat Malaysia. Anda perlu letak jawatan. Anda tidak layak. Anda tidak "FIT" untuk jawatan Menteri Kesihatan dan sememangnya anda bukanlar doktor kesihatan. Anda mungkin tidak faham ataupun tidak tahu menahu proses kesihatan.

Wahai Liow Tiong Lai, sila jawab.

in [ The Star, 24 Oct 2008 ]

KUALA LUMPUR: The Health Ministry has declared four types of biscuits from China and 20 locally produced biscuits to be safe for consumption after analysis revealed they contain permissible levels of melamine.

The ministry’s public relations unit, in a statement yesterday, said the local biscuit brands that were safe are Khong Guan, Khian Guan, Julie’s and Munchy’s.

Biscuit varieties okay for consumption made by Khong Guan include Biskut Wafer Berkrim, Bis­kut Creamy Chocolate, Biskut Cream Crackers and Biskut Marie Kecil.

“Khian Guan brand biscuits safe for consumption include Biskut Marie Koko, Biskut Chocolate ABC, Biskut Rusk and Biskut Lemon Krim,” the statement added.

Julie’s brand biscuit varieties that are safe include Biskut Superior Cracker, Biskut Stereo Sandwich chocolate, Biskut Marie Besar, Biskut Sandwich Creamy Cheese, Biskut Butter Cracker, Biskut Cottage Crackers, Biskut Sandwich Perisa Limau, Biskut Finger Lemon, Biskut Peanut Butter Sandwich, Biskut Banana Flavoured Cream Sandwich and Biskut Chocolate Shorties.

As for Munchy’s, those tested and found to be safe include Biskut Sugar Crackers, Biskut Kraker Kal­sium Sayuran, Biskut Marie, Biskut Choc­O­Chocolate, Biskut Mini Crac­kers with Peanut Butter, Biskut Shortea Milk Cookies, Biskut Lexus Cheese Cream and the Biskut Lexus Peanut Butter varieties.

The four biscuits made in China found to adhere to the permissible levels of melamine are Biskut Wheat Bran Lover Chocolate Sand­wich (Silang), Sandwich Biscuits (Golden Fuji), Golden Grape Cookies (Golden Fuji) and Soybean with Fruit and Veggie (Polleney).

The statement advised consumers to read labels before purchasing a product.

“The ministry also advises consumers not to buy biscuits sold at pasar malam, pasar tani and other places or products that do not have labels,” it said.

For more information, consumers can contact the Food Safety and Quality Division at 03-8883 3655/ 503/ 652/ 500. The lines are open from 8am to 9pm, including public holidays. €” Bernama

By Singapore government


zewt said...

if what shadowfox say is true... i think a lot of food products in our market are tainted. i have personally seen newspaper reporting a certain brand of bread being dangerous and the very next day declared safe.

either the authorities made a mistake... or someone somewhere out there made a lot of money.

Alex Yap said...


I made a call to 03-8883 3655 to find out more. The number was stated in the newspaper The Star.

I asked the person in charge on why we have this discrepancy. Standard answer:

Malaysia use batch 1 for testing which is not contaminated.

Singapore use batch 2 for testing which is contaminated.

They promise to do more testing by using batch 2 that Singapore use for testing.

Then I asked them, if the product is not known to be safe, why the Kementerian Kesihatan announced to the public that it is safe to consume. She told me their testing is OK. Then I said, now Singapore banned it, why Malaysia still allowed it. The girl "oh, we cannot simply issue press statement to ban a product".

Bloody hell, then you can simply issue press statement to say it is safe to consume. If someone die because of this, I wonder what will the government do? Cover up the case again? Is government trying to protect to manufacturer or US the rakyat?

I am so pissed off now. I personally bought 2 packet of Julie Cheese & Peanut butter biscuit. Sooky my wife already finished the Cheese Biscuit. Basket, sooky is pregnant now some more. Bloody hell government. Stupid Idiot.

zewt said...

such a typical answer from our wonderful govt. should blog about it!

i say... just ban all local products and go back to fresh foodstuff. good for health too. and your wife should really watch what she eats...