Wednesday, October 8, 2008

i-Dragon @ Midvalley

Again, few months back, we go to i-Dragon @ Midvalley for lunch. Gosh, we couldn't find where is the restaurant. After consulting the information desk "che che", then we found it. Jezz, i-Dragon was hidden behind the Coffee Bean and on the way to Cititel. Hahaha .. I'm not a frequent customer (you know what I mean) of Cititel, so it make sense that I didn't noticed i-Dragon was there.

We had:

Sooky ordered some Shreded Chicken with Dried Prawn La Mien. Yuck, it taste damn horrible. If you ever go, never NEVER never NEVER order this.

I always play safe. I always ordered Dan Dan Mien. It was some spicy soup with peanuts and mince meat. This taste good even though not so original as the one that I've tried before.

This is another favourite of ours. Turnip pastry. It is crunchy at the outer side, and yet so warm and tasty at the inner side for its turnip.

Yummy ...

Sooky ordered a desert. Mango Pudding with Pamelo. Thumbs up.

Tea time .... Ice Cappucino + Sunrise + Chicago Cheese Cake. My favourite cheese cake in town.

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