Thursday, October 30, 2008


I made a call to 03-8883 3655 to find out more. The number was stated in the newspaper The Star.

I asked the person in charge on why we have this discrepancy. Standard answer:

Malaysia use batch 1 for testing which is not contaminated.

Singapore use batch 2 for testing which is contaminated.

They promise to do more testing by using batch 2 that Singapore use for testing.

Then I asked them, if the product is not known to be safe, why the Kementerian Kesihatan announced to the public that it is safe to consume. She told me their testing is OK. Then I said, now Singapore banned it, why Malaysia still allowed it. The girl "oh, we cannot simply issue press statement to ban a product".

Bloody hell, then you can simply issue press statement to say it is safe to consume. If someone die because of this, I wonder what will the government do? Cover up the case again? Is government trying to protect to manufacturer or US the RAKYAT?

I am so pissed off now. I personally bought 2 packet of Julie Cheese & Peanut butter biscuit. Sooky my wife already finished the Cheese Biscuit. Basket, sooky is pregnant now some more. Bloody hell government of Barisan Nasional (BN). Stupid Idiot.


zewt said...

i heard the japanese nissin noodle is also contaminated and today, someone sms me telling me that thailand has withdrawn some malaysian made omodo cookies.

Alex Yap said...


you were right .. i saw the news about thailand withdrawing malaysian made omodo cookies...

the way to go nowadays is DO NOT CONSUME ANYTHING TO DO WITH DAIRY. For instance, biscuit, instant noodles, and etc.

Gosh .. the world is moving to destruction. Probably "The Judgement" day is near ...