Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Durian Fritters @ Midvalley

Finally .. YeS .. Finally I have time to update my blog. I've been so busy since August. Finally my last assignment was accomplished yesterday after giving my presentation to the Cork, Ireland (Eire) folks.

The photo below was from few months back .. hahaha ..

On the 19 July 2008, we have a little shopping @ Midvalley.

At the LG, on the way to The Gardens, we saw this little stall selling some fried stuff. It was the "Goreng-Goreng".

At first, we don't really give it a notice which we thought it is selling some fried banana (pisang goreng) or karipap thing. Then some label in the cabinet caught our attention, it was the Durian Fritter. Hmm .. we were like, why not give it a try.

Then we bought two of it. RM 1.20 for each, which I considered quite reasonable.

Taste: Good
Cleaniness: Good
Halal: Yes
Price: Reasonable
WIFI: Of course NO.

But the other day, when we go to Midvalley again. Kind like didn't notice the stall anymore. Not sure if the stall had moved to somewhere else or not.

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