Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Number 2 Doing Well

Yesterday we went to see gynae Dr Ng Soon Pheng at Columbia Asia Medical Centre, Puchong. This should be a monthly check up with gynae for the baby growth. Apparently this Dr Ng is very famous and it is hard to make an appointment with him. As usual, being kiasu (not dare to lose), I asked Sooky to make an appointment first before going to see Dr Ng. We managed to make an appointment at 2045 hrs.

We reached the hospital @ 2020 hrs. This our first time going to Columbia Asia Centre, Puchong for medical purpose. I normally go to Sunway Medical Centre for any specialist advise. The first impression was, hmm ... quite a decent private hospital. Clean, bright, cold enough, spacious, quiet and etc. But the nightmare began, Sooky was asked to register at the "Emergency Reception Counter". I was like, :o , huh ... WHAT? For such a big hospital, they don't have a proper registration counter like Sunway Medical Center or Subang Jaya Medical Centre? Why is that Emergency Reception Counter, we are going to see gynae, it is not anything to do with EmErGeNcY .. Arghhh .. doesn't sound right to me.

Fine with the name of the counter "EMERGENCY", what pissed me off was the staff at the reception counter and the system. There wasn't any numbering system for the patient to take number and queue. As usual, malaysian like to cut queue. I seriously hate people cutting queue. Damn it. Few preggy mummy just flocking the counter and expecting to be served. Again fine with the bloody non-queue system if the staff can served those preggy mommy and other patient fast enough. To my horror, the reception lady take her own sweet time to do things and there is no urgency in them at all. They don't even bother about those patient queuing to be registered. Jezz, if someone indeed in emergency, for sure, that person with be declared "CERTIFIED".

Finally after waiting for 20 MINUTES, they finally managed to register Sooky into the system. Jezz, after 20 minutes taken to register Sooky into the system, you know WHAT !!!! they register Sooky's name wrongly into the system even after we gave her the IC. What d' hell !!!!! But then, come help to forgive the receptionist "jie jie" cause Sooky's name is indeed a bit misleading. Her surname is LE. Ya sounds a bit french. Huh, I got a french wife, not bad huh. By default, LEE is spelled with double "e" instead of single "e". But in Sooky's case, her whole family is having a single "e" for LE which make them sound french. hahaaha.

After registering, we went to the waiting area outside Dr Ng Soon Pheng clinic. Another shocking scene, the monitor showes that Sooky's turn was 2240 hrs and at that time our watch clearly show 2040 hrs. OMG, are we going to wait for another 2 hours. Another serious issue that we noticed was, there was no nurse at the nurse counter outside Dr Ng Soon Pheng clinic. Where were all the nurses? Jezz. Then I have to thicken my face and pose at the nurse counter with the hope that someone/nurse will notice by big fat ass posing at the counter. After 5 minutes, we got attended. Finally. The nurse took Sooky's weight and urine for lab test.

After waiting for roughly 30 minutes, finally we got attended by Dr Ng Soon Pheng. After a series of incident, I already have some reservation for Dr Ng. I placed a high hope on Dr Ng Soon Pheng that he will be professional enough to attend Sooky. To our relieved Dr Ng Soon Pheng is a very caring, friendly and detailed doctor. He is very patient in explaning the details to us. I raised my concern to him regarding Sooky's prolonged cough. I gave him few details regarding our previous visit to GP where the GP prescribed antibiotics and gave Sooky nebulizer for suspecting Sooky having asthma. He was kind like shocked at the first place. Luckily that Sooky didn't take the antibiotics at the very first time. Antibiotics and cough syrup only suitable for preggy mommy at the 3 or 4th month onwards. Dr Ng Soon Pheng patiently walk us through the differences between asthma and bronchitis. He asked us not to worry too much as the cough won't affect No 2 and will only cause discomfort to Sooky.

During the ultrasound scan, we managed to see Number 2's face and he/she was wriggling actively when Dr Ng Soon Pheng moved the transducer over Sooky tummy. It gaves us a very familiar feeling when we first saw Ning Ning face.

Finger crossed, everything will be ok. We have another appointment with Dr Ng Soon Pheng next month to follow up on baby's growth.

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