Friday, December 19, 2008

Being Paranoid

Are you a freak?

Are you overly paranoid?

I'm not sure about you but I certainly very paranoid. I mean I am very paranoid when it come to car.

I always worried that my car will get stolen. As I walk in the carpark and if the car is not within my sight I will start to get worry. I worry that the car will get stolen and I will be left with no car to go work, no car to go shopping, no car to go back hometown and worst still, I need to buy a new car and I don't have money. Thanks to the econ crisis, everything is about money now.

In the past, my car alarm was equipped with car finder. Neh, the thing that if you pressed, the alarm will be activated and from the sound, you roughly know where is the car located. But with my Toyota Avanza, the feature is no longer there. Some people told me that this feature is purposely removed so that whoever found your key will not be able to locate the car. Ya right, good in one way but bad in the other way round. That featured is extremely useful for a person as forgetful as me.

My car is already 2 yrs old, if it got stolen now, insurance won't pay the full amount. I guess probably 75 - 80 % of the car value. So if I lost it now, they probably pay me $40K from the new car price $62K. Gosh, $22K in 2 years. no way. so you can't blame me for being paranoid.

Was thinking & itching to get new car but the current car is still under installment + credit crunch, better safe than sorry. Since I already have X houses + 2 cars. So better be safe than sorry again. No more unnecessary commitment.

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YuNiq said...

Nice new look for your blog! Yah, I'm like you, too. I'll make sure I lock the steering when parking, and lock all doors when driving. Better safe than sorry.