Thursday, December 18, 2008

Jonker Sweets Dessert @ Midvalley

After tired of shopping and while I still have time (coz I need to fetch Sooky later from the company dinner/party). I decided to go to Jonker Sweets Dessert @ Midvalley. You can find this restaurant at the LG, the same floor as KFC, Pizza Hut, carrefour, on the way to The Gardens.

I like durian cendol so much. Read here, since we are not going to Malacca this year, I was like why not try this one to see if it is really a Jonker Streets standard or not.

Gosh, what a DISASTER. The durian cendol cost me RM 4 / 4.5 and it taste horrible. The cendol harden the moment it mixed up with the blended ice. The durian aroma is no where near the Jonker Street version of durian cendol.

It is A BIG LET DOWN. I would never patronise this stalls again.

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