Thursday, December 18, 2008

Ning Ning enjoy shopping for new clothes

Few weeks back, Sooky had her last company dinner at Damansara Heights since company M will be officially ceased its operation by Jan 1, 2009. Ya, she got sold off to another company like a slave according to her.

So I'm fetching her to the restaurant at Damansara Heights. After that I make my way to MidValley on Friday evening. Jezz, the traffic is horrible.

Since it is year end sales and CNY is coming to town .. hahaha .. I selected one mini-T for ning ning (renoma) ok... ya don't worry got big sales 70% man. After less is RM 18.

She likes the renoma girls mini-T so much and she don't let hold her new mini-T after that. Sweetie, daddy need to pay for the mini-T first else we will get caught when we exiting Jusco. The lady holding Ning Ning is my maid.

Ning Ning: Daddy, can I have more new clothes for CNY?

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