Monday, December 1, 2008

Poor Ning Ning

2 weeks back, clumsy Ning Ning fell and knocked her forehead to the floor. Can you see the swollen part? It was quite bad. We applied some oilment (Tin Ta Chao) to her forehead and also mom use the traditional remedy for swollen or blue black mark by using hot rice with salt.

My poor daughter had had knock her head for few times. Ever since she start to learn how to walk, she probably have 6 - 7 times swollen forehead. Of course, we were worry after each time of fall. We do monitored her if she do react differently after each fall, like vomitting, fever or etc. If she do, we would have to admit her to hospital. But luckily, touch wood, she is ok.

One thing we do noticed, Ning Ning had a very high pain tolerance. Look at my previous story.

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