Thursday, December 18, 2008

Tub Tim Krob

Ever since Sooky's mom gave us the ice blender, Sooky and myself go craze on making ice dessert on our own.

Here we come, our latest creation, Tub Tim Krob. A Thai's dessert called red rubbies with coconut milk.

1 - cut the water chestnut into cubes size.
2 - coat the water chestnut with tapioca powder and let it rest for a while so that the tapioca powder can stick to the water chestnut.
3 - sprinkle some water on the coated water chestnut and coat it again for the 2nd time.
4 - boiled the 2x coated water chestnut.
5 - Once it float, then we can consider it is cooked.
6 - Drained it and immediately transfer the cooked water chestnut into icy water (to make it QQ feels)

For colouring:
1 - You can either soak it under red colouring (rose) or we tried to soak it in gula melaka to get the brown colour and guess what it is more natural.

To serve:
1. Blend the ice, evenly garnish the blended ice with coated water chestnut.
2. Add coconut milk and served cold.

Tub Tim Krob - Red Rubbies + Giant Red Bean

Tub Tim Krob - Red Rubbies + Brown Rubbies

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YuNiq said...

This is my favorite Thai dessert! Good you can have it anytime at home!