Thursday, December 18, 2008

Prestigious Uni? Lies?

Recently I read about an article on the rates of unemployment among the local graduates from Malaysia.

As usual, one the local uni converted from polytechnic to university status top the chart. Then today, in Utusan Malaysia, it mentioned that 75% of the graduates from UiTM managed to secure a job right after graduation. How true is that?

When I graduated in 2001, it took me 3 long months to secure my first job. What I'm trying to say, secure job right after graduation, arghh come on, only those lucky and top students so called 4-flat achievers will be able to do that. Be realistic. After I graduated in 2001, the first thing in my mind, I wanted a long rest after 15 years of struggle in education. I wanted a break before joining the crazy corporate world.

One more thing, when those uni giving out the figures on number of successful employment for their graduates, how did they do the survey?

Did they call every single of their graduates for that year? Considering that you have 2000 students graduated and are you going to hire someone to continous bug the students on their status? Beside do all students provide their contact details before graduating?

To be honest, my uni didn't ring me up to find out whether I'm employed or not. Or best still, do Malaysia have such a complete system where all the employers log down to the centralized database for the government to know on who they have hired? You got to be kidding. ...

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