Monday, December 1, 2008

Midori, Cineleisure Damansara


Lot 143, 143A, 153A, 1103A(i), 1st Floor,
Cineleisure Damansara,
Mutiara Damansara,
47810 Petaling Jaya,
Selangor Darul Ehsan.

Tel: 603 - 7729 2143
Fax: 603 - 7729 3143

Recently, my company organize its usual leisure/movie day for employees at Cineleisure. We were treated with Madagascar 2: Escape to Africa. The movie day was opened to spouse and children. So I was like, why not! I brought Sooky and Ning Ning for the movie. In fact, this is not Ning Ning first movie, her first movie would be Hulk (but she slept throughout the whole show).

Since I'm a bit kiasu, I decided to go there early to get a better seating. Actually I'm not kiasu, I wanted a good seat (which is near the entrance and couple seat) so that I can escape from the cineplex in case Ning Ning turn fussy and also I would have place to put my baby stroller. But in fact, I'm not that kiasu. There are more KIASU people in my company. The show scheduled at 9:30pm and I reached there around 8pm to collect my ticket. You know what, I can only get ticket at row 7 from the back. Goodness .... kiasu kiasu kiasu ...

Since we still got time, we decided to grab something to eat within Cineleisure, since Sooky don't want to go too far. She said, preggy woman very tired arrr .. ok .. so we chose a "look nice" restaurant at 1st floor called "Midori". We ordered 1 Miso Beef Box (RM 8.90), 1 Ice Green Tea with Flavored Milk (RM 7.50) and 1 Ice Green Tea with Aloe Vera (RM 7.50). Gosh the drink is as dearie as the main course.

The Midori

Ice Green Tea with Aloe Vera

Ice Green Tea with Flavored Milk

My Verdict:
1. Miso Beef Box:
- Wuek, tasteless.
- Very plain.
- Stingy in putting miso. Doesn't taste miso at all.
- Portion too small. Ok considering RM 8.90 but still I would prefer Sushi King then.
- Rating: 3/10

2. Ice Green Tea with Flavored Milk
- Wuek. Taste so awful.
- They use ready made Green Tea powder to make the green tea. This cause the drink to have powdery feeling since it does not really dissolved in the water yet.
- Flavored Milk. Hmm, I don't think so, I think it is merely some full cream milk.
- Rating: -10/10 (it is negative !!!)

3. Ice Green Tea with Aloe Vera
- Wuek. Taste so awful as well.
- Also had powdery taste.
- Aloe Vera was ok.
- Rating: -9/10 (it is negative !!!)

Overall, I WONT GO AGAIN !!!! ... No government tax collected but collected RM 2.39 Service Charge. For the 3 items above, it cost me RM 26.30. Gulp gulp. One time business only. I swear I won't patronise the cafe again.

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