Friday, December 5, 2008

Rear Seatbelt

I was confirmed by the Road Safety Department Datuk Suret Singh that

He added that all vehicles registered before Jan 1, 1995 were exempt from the rear seatbelt ruling.
I wonder how this can be implemented. Are they required all police (whether normal police & traffic police) to study and learn all about the car models available in Malaysia. Goodness, less backtrack 25 yrs back (considering we still have car as old as 25 years), do they know how many models are available.

OMG, this will be another brilliant idea but yet again, bad implementation. I bet no proper guidelines given.

What happen to car produced in 1996 and to get rid from the trouble of buckle, the car owner remove the seatbelt and the car owner got stop by police and lie to the police that the car was produced in 1994. Considering that we have cars that last for 2 -3 years without new model or being facelift?

So I didn't read anywhere that required the car owner to make a photocopy of their car registration card and put it in the car in the events being stopped.

Jezz .. Malaysia is really a BOLEH-land.

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