Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Little Penang, The Curve

My colleagues and I went to The Curve for lunch. Apparently he wanted to get some IT gadgets from Cineleisure IT center. Ok, I always have the impression that The Curve only served expensive food. Ok I mean expensive for a lunch while working. You know what I mean (TGI, Marche, Bierhaus, Sakae and etc).

Location: The Curve, on the way to Cineleisure.
Halal: Yes
Air-conditioned: Yes (they have smoking area as well)
Wifi: No
Cleanliness: 4/5

So we decided to go to Little Penang. Yes another kind like up-class kopitiam and so called from Penang.

Nasi Lemak with Beef Rendang + Lobak + Ju Hu Char (some sengkuang/turnip stir fried with dried shrimp and carrot). Cost me RM 13.50. Ouch, that's expensive for a Nasi Lemak. Even Damansara Uptown Village Park only charge RM 6 for Nasi Lemak with Beef Rendang. Ya ya ya, even with additional Lobak + Ju Hu Char also, it does make it cost RM 13.50. Well, the taste was just average, nothing hu har to shout about.

My colleague, Yong had this Nasi Lemak with Asam Fish + Lobak + Paku Pakis Sambal Belacan. Another let down, the Fish was not great taste and certainly not that fresh. Yet another RM 13.50 dish.

Another so so drink. RM 4.00 for a soya bean with red bean. Ya so beanie. I thought wow, some new combination, worth a try. But again, nothing to shout about, indeed it is really taste like soya bean + red bean.


sooky said...

"... But again, nothing to shout about, indeed it is really taste like soya bean + red bean."

Hubby, it IS soya bean and red bean... what else did you expect it to taste like lar? Chendol with gula melaka?! :P

Alex Yap said...


Ya it IS soya bean + red bean. I know that but I was expecting some "ummpph" from the drink but the "ummpph" did not come.