Friday, November 21, 2008

Best Desert in Kuching, Mango Pudding Milk Tea

If you looking for a good desert on a sunny day.

If you dreaming for a cold drink on a hot day.

If you wanted to chill out after a long walk in Kuching city, here I present to you "Mango Pudding Milk Tea".

It is located near the intersection of Jalan Pandungan.

Restaurant name: In mandarin "Hung Cha Tao"
Price: RM 3.50
Halal: No, (the drink is halal but i guess they do served siow bee)
Wifi: No
Air-condition: Yes
Cleanliness: 3 out 5

They do serve other food ranging from appetizers to main course like western steaks/chops or gung pow chicken rice. You named it.

How the restaurant look a like?

The super tasty Mango Pudding Milk Tea

Hmmm .. so delicious ....

The Mango Pudding is so soft and smooth. Apart from that it is not too sweet and not too plain.

The Milk Tea is so milky but yet not too sweet. It is so "Tea" feels. You know what I mean, sometime we do get our Teh Tarik that is lack of tea taste. The Milk Tea above is really with "ummph". I wonder if they do use Lipton. Sorry can't spy into their kitchen.

This Mango Pudding Milk Tea is very similar to those Taiwanese Bubble Tea with Pearl. Except instead of Pearl , this brilliant shop owner replace the Pearl with the super tasty mango pudding. Even my dad n mom like it. You see that..

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