Friday, November 21, 2008

Crude Oil at 3 year low

Crude Oil fall below USD $50 for the first time in 3 years. Where is our further reduction?

According to our so called "smart" Shahrir Samad, government deserved to benefits from the high retail price for petrol. Apparently at RM 2 at this point, government is getting approx 0.39 cents for every litre of petrol sold.

Basket, stupid Shahrir, make profit from the rakyat hard earned money. Cilaka.

Shahrir never stick to his word. A man that is not trustworthy. He once mentioned that once, crude oil price fall below USD 72. we can have RM 1.92 per litre of petrol. Gosh.... Why it didn't happened in the Nov 18 when reduction is announced. Why are we still at RM 2 per litre. It seems that this bastard Shahrir is more concerned in protecting the petrol dealer rather than the rakyat. Oii.. johorian... are you guys bloody stupid .. voting this bloody idiot into parliament and become the minister of domestic trade and consumer affairs.

Remember a RECORD LOW... below USD $50 bucks now. If I'm not wrong, our actual retail petrol price now would be RM RM 1.40 to RM 1.48 ... We are paying more now ..... WHY WHY WHY WHY .....


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