Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Jokes Of The Day for Malaysia Politics

Jokes of the day for all my friends:

Our Deputy Speaker in the Parliament:


If you guys still remember about the so called chinese speaking Arif Shah, the candidate for Permatang Pauh that run against Anwar Ibrahim. He techinically admitting in getting the Phd in a dirty way. Read more from AirKosong about Arif Shah.

2 things:
1. What a shame to all of our politician in Malaysia. Having a Deputy Speaker for Parliament with a not trustworthy Phd. Wondering Wan Junaidi aware of the scam or intentionally get the Phd from a dubious uni.

2. Arif Shah, a cheater. How many UMNO cronies are having genuine degrees.

Still remember about the Mat Rempit chamption, Azeez? He also having dubious degree. What a bunch of jokers.

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