Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Little India, Kuching

Little India, Kuching. I wonder why this street is called Little India, there is only 1 and only 1 Indian restaurant here. The rest are either the locals (which I'm not sure whether they are Iban, Bidayuh or others. Sorry for my ignorance.) chinese doing business there. So how the Little India come into picture, I don't know. I'm still puzzle till now. Even my local friend said, it is very hard to find Roti Canai/Prata in Kuching. Hmm .. good business opportunity ... Entrepreneur out there.. Give this a thought.

Posing at Little India, Kuching

Yar har .. I took your picture as well.

Next to Little India, you would find this Little Lebanon as well.

the Street

Posing .. wueakkk .

Not sure what is this place ...

Dad n mom at the entrance of Carpenter Street

Apparently at carpenter street, you will probably find all the possible furniture that you like. There are plenty of furniture shop and carpenter at Carpenter Street.

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