Monday, November 24, 2008

Ning Ning Got So Bored

We were having breakfast at one of the mamak stall in Puchong. Suddenly Ning Ning lean her head on the table and looks so adorable. In another moment, she turned in bored mode. Look at her.

notes: the picture above I screenshot it from


Lingzie said...

oh your wife is into scrapbooking as well? (i guess its your wife la...cos can't be you right?)
if you do visit penang, there's a very nice scrapbooking shop. i love everything in the shop!! but really burns a big hole in my pocket! :(

Alex Yap said...

Hey LingZie

The above scrapbook was done by me leh. My wife showed me the website. So I was like, hmm .. look nice .. why not.

I always admire other people blogs where they have specific frame for their picture. Look nice in blog.

I like the Karen Cheng photos as well.

hahaha .. no no .. never tell Sooky about this. Ya, she like scrapbooking. She spend quite some money to get all the little tiny cute thing. But it was like instant noodle, "3 mins interest" .. She left those things collecting dust. Well, she gave me the excuse that she don't have time due to our naughty daughter. Good excuses ya .. hahahaha ..

Or not, if she saw this message, i'm gonna sleep at couch tonight.