Friday, November 7, 2008

Demanding Ning Ning

Ning Ning has grown more demanding nowadays. She knew how to nag and asked for things to be done for her already.

Yesterday night, roughly around 3am .. as usual she would cried out loudly, asking for water. And as usual I'm going to drag my lazy body to get the water bottle from the table for her. Ya, where is her mom, Sooky? As usual Sooky will be in her deep sleep. Sigh. Opss.. I hope she don't read my blog today, else I'm gonna sleep at couch today. Ok lar, Sooky is preggy now, of course she will feel fatigue and me being a lovely hubby, will takeover the job to take of Ning Ning, right. How lovely is it.

Normally Ning Ning would took 5 mins to drink before falling back to sleep. Yesterday, after finished drinking the water, she still making a lot of noises and being so fussy. So once again, I dragged my body to her baby cot to check on her. Guess what !!! She held the water bottle upright towards me, expecting me to take the bottle away. I was like .. huh .. Then I took the bottle away from her. Right after that, she go hug her bolster and go back to sleep.

I was like .. my notti daughter is so lovely. Isn't her so adorable? Muacks muacks ....


Nicholas said...

Aiyo, so adorable! I mean you, Alex! Haha! Keep it up!

Alex Yap said...


You are right. Spot on. I'm so adorable. But sigh .. it is freaking tired to wake up everyday in the middle of the night.

But I have to admit, my naughty daughter is indeed very adorable. People always said, motherly love. Now to all the mommies out there, there are 1 thing call fatherly love as well .hahahaha.