Friday, November 21, 2008

Dinner @ Hui Sing Garden, Kuching

Whenever tourist go to Kuching, Sarawak, the locals will recommend the tourist to dine at Hui Sing Garden, Kuching which is roughly 15 - 20 mins away from the city.

It took me slightly longer considering that I do not know the roads in Kuching and have to make few stops asking for directions.

Here you go, I highly recommend you all one drink call "White Lady". Apparently this drink contains lemon syrup, longan, lychee, lime, lemon, nata de coco + blended ice. Huh, it is a MUST MUST try drink. Apparently you only can find/get this drink from Hui Sing Garden and not available throughout the city of Kuching. I love it so much.

One thing I hate about White Lady is the OWNER of the stall. Since it taste so good, I was thinking getting a tapau to bring back to hotel. You know what the boss told me, "tapau? need to wait long .." + a very disgruntled face. Bastard. Got money also don't want to earn. I guess the boss simply wanted to be more environmental friendly where reduce the use of plastic bag. Bloody hell, if that is the case, change to paper cup for takeaway lar .. cilaka.

White Lady - Signature Drink of Hui Sing Garden, Kuching.

Kau Chi.. Highly recommended also. In peninsula Malaysia you will probably find kau chi made by turnip slices / sengkuang slices. But this one from the kueh stall, you will kau chi filled with pork. Huh, breathtaking, must try.

I don't know what the heck is this, apparently when we first got to the food court @ Hui Sing Garden, as usual we will look for empty table. Ok, we found one. Then suddenly the owner of the stall facing our table kept coming back to our table asking what we want to order. Bloody hell, like the disgusting flies only. So to get rid of the bloody idiot, I ordered something from his stall. Basically nothing special, chicken wing + mani vege. Taste so so only.

Kuey Chap (similar to "Mei Fan Cha Ko" with pork maw). I didn't like it, but Sooky seems to give green light for it.


Lingzie said...

that white lady drink sure sounds refreshing!! don't think we have a drink like that in penang.
psst..try to make at home la. then no need to face the LCLY owner. :)

Alex Yap said...

Good day Lingzie

Ya we did try it at home. No luck, it doesn't taste as good as the White Lady at Hui Sing Garden.

We even have the ice shredder at home. But one of these day will try again.

BTW, we succeeded in making cendol at home.