Friday, November 7, 2008

Ning Ning very first Vulgar word

Nov 7, 2008, Clear day.

Today after having breakfast, I sat at the couch watching TV cum playing with Ning Ning. As usual, she will running around the house, in front of TV, zig-zag between the couch, having fun shouting loudly while performing her dancing skills based on the music she heard from the advertisement shown on TV.

Ya, she loves advertisement a lot and she apparently knew few types of dancing. She probably knew ballet, waltz, hip-hop and one legged type of Elvis's dance. Gosh, you will be amused if you ever she her do that again. More details from Sooky's blog.

Suddenly, she yelled. Niamah !!! .. I was like? Huh, we never taught her that. I guess she probably wanted to say, mam mam (food) but the word skewed to Niamah. I looked at Sooky,

Me: Did our daughter said that?

Sooky: (In a very surprise and amused reaction), Yeah, she just did that.

Me: God, Ning Ning is Patrick Teoh's fans? FYI, if you visit Patrick's blog, lots of Niamah there @

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