Thursday, November 27, 2008

Satok Market, Kuching

My friend mentioned to me that I must go to Satok Market in Kuching to have a look look and see see.

It was a very big morning market (Pasar Tani) with lots of stall. You could fine souvenir stalls, clothing stalls, food stalls, vege stalls, fish, chicken and etc etc.

Since it was recommended, then I make an effort to bring my parents, sooky and ning ning there. It was quite a warm Sunday morning. Ning Ning happily sit in her buggy while I do the "driving". Indeed it is quite a challenging drive considering that the walkway is so narrow and lots lots of people walking around. "People Mountain People Sea".

Look at me, so sweaty. Ning Ning found it interesting too ....

Some vege stalls

Dad and mom had the most joy, they bought vege, raw golok mee. Ya no joke vege to bring back to peninsula malaysia. OMG !!!

Sooky had fun too since she no need to manoeuvre the buggy around.

Tata, The Shark was there in Satok Market.

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