Thursday, November 6, 2008

What for Sooky's Birthday

I'm thinking for a while what for Sooky's Birthday? What kind of surprises that I wanted to give her?

It was on Monday. As we all should know, surprises means "pretend nothing happen and SURPRISE !!!!"

So few weeks before that I was asking Sooky on where shall we go to celebrate her birthday. She instantly replied that, let's not make hoohaa about this. Stop. That's it. She didn't say anything else. Hmm .. woman is still a woman. The "eve" descendants always can't speak the truth. I can sense that she was waiting for me to arrange some surprises for her.

Hmm ... since she so "wicked", I also pretend nothing WILL happen. Hahaha .. As Zhang Liang & Sun Tzu said, never disclose to your enemy on how you feel.

Then I secretly took half-day leave. Pre-ordered a bouquet of flower 1 week earlier. I insist on 11 stalks of RED roses which means "You are my treasured one, the one I love most". I normally chose 11 RED + 1 WHITE. But this time wanna something different.

The packaging of the bouquet was a bit let down from my perspective. But hopefully Sooky like it.

So after lunch, I go to pick up the flower and head to her OFFICE. To my disappointment that she was at her desk. She probably went out for lunch with her friends. So I left the flower on her desk and go catching up with some old colleagues. Yes, we were both colleagues last time, in the same company. Since I still got some free time, I wonder around the office to look for my manager, friends and of course the MD - the big boss.

Then while chatting with the BIG BOSS, sooky rang me. I can sensed the cheerful & happiness from her voice. Ok, it is nothing spectacular cause just a bouquet of flowers but I still hope that it may made her day.

I went to meet her at her cube and wanted to give her a warm hug but I couldn't do so CAUSE it is in OFFICE. INDECENT. I was expecting a kiss from her, but NO. She didn't give me. * super disappointed * .. but again IT IS IN OFFICE, INDECENT.

I patiently waited for her to finish her work so that we can go for a light dinner at The Coast, Alamanda, Putrajaya. Sooky loves the cheese nacho at The Coast. It was only 2+ pm. So I went to Old Town Cafe to do some reading. What a wonderful feel, taking day off and relax, having a cup good coffee and do some reading. What a life.

I found a way to self-motivate. Take a day off, go shopping, have good coffee from starbucks / coffee bean and do some reading. Even better if you go visit your ex-colleagues, when everyone else need to work but you don't. What a good way to self-motivate.

Few years back, during our courting days, I once gave her this white tulip. This is the best flower that I have ever gave her. I like the packaging so much.

Wanna to know more, read more at Sooky's Blog.


YuNiq said...

What a nice surprise!

Alex Yap said...


thanx .. you should give some surprise to your wife too .. hahahah ...